Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Wormworld Fanart

Can´t miss to show my wormworldsaga-fanart here in my blog.

But first i want to say again how much i love the wormworldsaga-comic
and what a great master of art this dude Daniel Lieske is.

So and here it comes;

First i´ve done some sketches and thumbnails to fix my idea for the fanart:
After i found a idea for the whole picture i began to put rough colours on the canvas to get a feeling for the mood and this lil fantasyworld i wanted to show;

The most quest for me was to render out my illustration as much as i could. I really love to do fast sketches and speedpaintings and this was some kind of fight with my self to make a picture look finished. I hope you Enjoy my lil Fanart and so here is the final picture;

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